Briana Says…Be Grateful

Hey Briana Buddies-

My big buddy Sahar talked to me about the, “Princess Lacey” story and how she died from cancer. She was only eight years old and it made me sad. I know that she is an angel watching over us but it’s still hard to understand why God takes children away before their time?  My nana tells me not to question God’s plan. She had to go through a lot of pain but it was so cool that she loved basketball and Adreian Payne, who plays for Michigan State treated her so nicely and became a great friend to her.

I hear about the importance of being grateful and I am so grateful for my health and life. I complain because sometimes that’s what kids do but I can only imagine that, “Princess Lacey” just wanted life. So simple but no longer possible for her.

I am going to remind myself everyday how grateful I am for so many things and I thank God everyday for my life.

Briana from Brooklyn…

Iowa v Michigan State