Briana Says…Kids Can Learn to Think Differently

Hey Briana Buddies-

I happen to be a girl who loves sports, especially the NBA. I was upset to hear about the comments that the Los Angeles Clippers owner said. Doesn’t he understand that kids from all different backgrounds watch and attend the games too? We look up to the players and love the games.

I have been raised around different ethnic groups my entire life in New York City. Most of my friends are from different backgrounds and that’s what makes us so cool. As kids we know that people are discriminated against all of the time. I do believe that kids can learn to think differently and use love instead of hate as a way of getting along.

Me and my friends understand the importance of being sensitive to others no matter what they have, who they are and their skin color. There are some adults who forget that we are watching their behavior. Sometimes kids can teach adults.

We know better…so we are going to do better!

Briana from Brooklyn…