The NBA…A Teachable Moment

Hey Briana Buddies-

It feels only appropriate to provide perspective regarding the unfortunate issues revolving around the NBA and Clippers owner, Donald Sterling’s racist remarks. I am very glad that NBA commissioner Adam Silver decided to issue the maximum fine of $2.5 million and hand him a lifetime ban from the NBA. I strongly believe that organizations should take immediate action in situations that represent a “no tolerance” of behavior when it comes to discriminatory acts.

I started my professional career working in the sports industry for the NBA and NFL. I am always inclined to focus on the kids and the way that they are receiving information. Athletes are idolized and glorified, especially by young males. Racism still and unfortunately will always have an existence in society but it’s important to use these moments as a way to teach kids that no matter how successful and wealthy one may be, everyone can experience hate and discrimination on all levels.

Becoming a professional athlete has it’s perks and appeal but I want the kids who are hearing and learning about this story to understand the importance of having a voice. The sports industry is a business and even though a lot of athletes make millions, that does not equate to power or decision making.

I recently told my little brother whose an amazing athlete and hopes to one day play a professional sport to make his education a priority. On the quest to becoming a great athlete, learn the skills to become a better business man. When you know better, you do better and you’re not afraid to sit on the side line and allow others to determine your fate.

Athletes have so much power and influence. I hope that one day they actually realize this…

Signing off,