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Briana Says…Easter Bunnies Don’t Lay Eggs?

Hey Briana Buddies- I have a question… Well I always have a question because I am a very inquisitive person. To all the kids who are reading this and you don’t know what inquisitive means, look it up in the dictionary. That’s what my mom always says. So I was wondering why a bunny rabbit is(…)

Pixar’s Easter Egg Hunt Is Better Than A Real Easter Egg Hunt

Hey Briana Buddies- It’s almost that time to celebrate Easter. I remember that I used to love coloring eggs, decorating Easter baskets and participating in Easter egg hunts. Kids and their parents take the hunts very seriously. I was almost run over by an adult with my baby nephew last year at an Easter egg hunt. It’s all in good fun but the(…)

Briana Says…Friendship is Awesome!

Hey Briana Buddies- The weather was so warm over the weekend and now it’s raining! I can’t wait for the summer to get here and stay.  I had a chance to hang out with my best friends, Jessica and Miko over the weekend. I love my friends so much because even though we’re different, we have so(…)

The Abilty to Forgive…

Hey Briana Buddies- It’s a rainy Monday but the weather was lovely over the weekend. I had a chance to hang out with a really good girlfriend of mine over the weekend. She recently moved back to the city and just happy to have that connection again.  Friends and family are so special and important to(…)

Briana Says…Be Grateful

Hey Briana Buddies- My big buddy Sahar talked to me about the, “Princess Lacey” story and how she died from cancer. She was only eight years old and it made me sad. I know that she is an angel watching over us but it’s still hard to understand why God takes children away before their time? (…)