Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…


Cory James

Corey, is the true class clown and sometimes annoying classmate of Briana. He and Briana got off to a rocky start before establishing a friendship. Briana likes Corey because he’s smart but questions his otherwise annoying behavior. Corey likes to do the opposite just for the sake of being difficult. He is secretly sensitive and extremely intelligent but sometimes uses poor behavior as a way of getting attention from his peers. Corey really likes Briana and is impressed by her intelligence and maturity. He likes to hang around her but feels the need to be a little tough and guarded for fear of being exposed. He is really farthest from a bully but fears that people may find out just how nice and sensitive he really is.


April Tate

April lives on Briana’s block and does not attend the same school as Briana and her other friends. They spend a lot of time sharing stories, hanging out in the backyard and riding their bikes together. April is very easy going and a good friend on Briana’s neighborhood block.



Jessie Ortiz

One of Briana’s best friends. Jessica aka “Jessie” is the big personality of the group. Born in Puerto Rico, she moved to Brooklyn at age five. Jessica is the oldest in her family and often talks about the struggle in a very humorous way of helping to raise her twin brother and sister and one day becoming a pop dance star. Her up-bringing of growing up in a large Hispanic family is very different from Briana’s family life. The two friends share the grandparent dynamic in their households and trade funny comments that their grandparents say. Jessica adores Briana and thinks that Briana is very smart.


Miko Cho

Miko is the reserved, witty and observant friend of the group. Her family moved to the United States from Japan. Miko was raised in the city and loves everything about NY. Miko likes her friends for their big personalities. She tends to play the background while providing insight and her opinion when necessary. Her quietness can sometimes appear to be shy and even aloof, but never mistake Miko for a pushover. She is super sharp and witty at the right time. Normally when her friends are about to dive head first into trouble, she can be the voice of reason. She is always trying to think ahead, plan and calculate the consequences.


Eric Mann

Eric is Corey’s side kick. Briana’s circle of friends is made up of such strong female personalities and Eric loves every bit of it. Eric is the star athlete of the group and loves the girls! It drives Corey bonkers that Eric is always agreeing with the ladies when he purposely does the opposite. You can always depend on Eric to take the softer approach and try to be more understanding in order to appease the girls.