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Chat rooms, screen name, passwords….What do we do when our eight year old knows more about cyber space then we do? How do we guide our children through this technologically driven world, when we do not understand the terms? How do we protect our children by setting rules if we do not understand the risks? Welcome to the wonderful world of being a parent in the digital age.

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It has changed the way we interact and communicate with other people. It has revolutionized how we do research and obtain information. Although this freedom and availability of information is amazing, it also presents parents with many challenges concerning the personal safety and privacy of their children. This is why we are taking on the challenge of cyber bullying. We hope to provide kids and parents with valuable useful tools to help identify and understand the risks and dangers that exist in the online community. We hope to show parents how they can allow their children to tap into the wonders of the internet, while safeguarding them from its potential hazards.