Check out Briana the Mascot and author, Sahar Simmons, at the Essence Block Party in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY – Sunday September 13, 2015


Inquisitive and intelligent 8-year-old girl from Brooklyn, NY. She is the ultimate “drama queen” who loves to perform and use her very vivid imagination. Briana is the only child and lives in a household that includes her mom and grandma. Although she is a social butterfly and likes the attention, she enjoys spending time alone to create.

Briana’s Mom and Nana nurture her huge imagination and free spirit but it sometimes gets her into trouble. Briana sometimes feels that everything deserves an explanation and although her Mom promotes freedom of expression, there is a fine line. Briana likes to push the limit sometimes which results in mischievous behavior. Overall Briana is an amazing child. Her favorite hobby is talking about anything and everything to whomever wants to listen. When she can’t get an ear from her friends, Mom, Nana or her favorite neighborhood pizza man, where else would an eight-year- old go but to her trusty dolls and stuffed animals. She often arranges them like an audience from her favorite talk show, Oprah. Her mind seems to race a mile a minute and pretty much says exactly what she is thinking.