Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…


Briana is an inquisitive and intelligent 8-year old girl from Brooklyn, NY. She is the ultimate, “drama queen” with a vivid imagination who is very compassionate about social issues that affect people and her community. Briana is the only child and lives in a household that includes her mom and nana. Although she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she often likes the seclusion to spend time alone to create.

Briana’s Mom and Nana nurture her independent thinking and free spirit, but it sometimes gets her into trouble. She often feels that everything deserves an explanation and although her Mom embraces her freedom of expression, she also reminds Briana of boundaries.

Briana’s favorite activity is expressing herself. She will debate anything and everything and enjoys challenging her friends in discussions. When she can’t get any attention from her friends, Mom, Nana and her favorite shop owners, she goes in her room and talks to herself! Sometimes she arranges her stuffed animals and trusty dolls like an audience at a talk show. Either way, she will get her point across.