Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…

Briana Says… “It’s Easy Being Green…Viva Verde”

As an author, I created Briana’s Neighborhood Children’s book series as a way of bringing excitement back into reading and creating a platform of topics that kids relate to from a realistic point of view. Storybook character, Briana, is an inquisitive, socially conscious eight year old girl from Brooklyn, New York who is affected by her surroundings and environment. Her compassion for social issues is what truly brings out her uniqueness. Briana and her friends represent the multicultural society that we live in. Her storylines are written from a child’s perspective taught to create and bring awareness to realistic situations. Such topics include: bullying (cyber bullying), health/wellness, self-empowerment, literacy, dreaming big & green initiatives!

Briana (youth) represent the present and future green generational thinkers and leaders. In my 3rd book, Briana Goes Green, Briana never paid much attention to her neighborhood let alone the environment. Her interest was piqued when a television news story of an oil spill affected so many things in her life. Once Briana realized that there were so many things that she could do in her own home and neighborhood, it triggered an awareness. Her motto, “It’s Easy Being Green” represents a thought process for the younger generation of kids to create innovative ideas and ways to express thoughts about being green and becoming more environmentally aware. Kids don’t realize that they practice sustainability everyday: turning off the lights, closing the refrigerator doors and recycling products. Some kids in rural areas are even harvesting their own crops and city kids are encouraging schools to install energy efficient green floors.

Green awareness is a community effort that takes one day at a time. I use my books as a conversational catalyst to speak to kids at schools and organizations about the importance of protecting our natural resources. We discuss very specific goals that are achievable in their communities.

For example, school supplies go largely misused. Although “back to school” supplies represent a fresh start, it also promotes waste. Encouraging kids to reuse their semi new lunchboxes and book bags is a way for all of us to participate in conservation. It’s just that simple.

Our youth are our “green” future. The education and knowledge we instill in them today will positively affect our environment for generations to come.

Briana’s mission, is to bring excitement back into literacy and help young people recognize and become proud of their inner/outer beauty through education.