Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…

Bullying in all forms is serious business. Whether it be online or in physical form, a bully is a person (people) who try to hurt others. There are rules that you follow in the physical community in order to keep you safe and there are also rules that you have to follow when you are on the internet.

‘The Briana NO Bullying Zone’ was created to provide support and information for kids who experience bullying on the internet and in person. Briana’s Neighborhood encourages individualism and wants kids to be able to dream big and thrive within their communities without the mistreatment from other kids.

In this section, Briana and her friends hope to encourage and provide ways to stop bullying & cyber bullying:

  1. Learn how to be a good cyber citizen.
  2. Learn the rules associated with the cyber community.
  3. Learn how to identify cyber bullying and why it is wrong.
  4. Learn how to stand up against a cyber-bully and a physical bully.
  5. Learn how to advocate (stand up) for victims of cyber bullying
  6. Learn how to tell someone that you trust!