Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…



The strength and backbone of her family. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Stephanie Wright worked several years as an English teacher in the New York City school system and climbed up the education ladder to become a Principle at one of the top specialized High Schools in Brooklyn.

Mild mannered and soft spoken in her home, Mom is a stickler for education and instills in Briana the importance of education and gives her all of the love and support that a mother can give. Her love for the big city kept her in New York after graduating from NYU. She later on met her college sweetheart, got married and had a beautiful daughter. Due to life experiences, Nana moved to NYC from the South to help raise Briana.




The matriarch and glue that holds the family together. Nana was born and raised in the rural south of Georgia. She is that stable support system of wisdom who gives constant advice. Briana is her only grandchild and there is nothing that she would not do for her. Nana moved to New York City when Briana was a little girl and has played a major role in her life. It has taken Nana a while to adjust to the big city and often references how great the south is. Briana absolutely adores her Nana and they share a very special close bond.



Briana is the pride and joy of her dad, Derek Wright. Briana’s mom and dad met in college and focused collectively on their careers. After the arrival of their beautiful little girl, her dad had become responsible for overseeing the west coast division of his office. In order to maintain the existing household and dad’s absence, a decision was made for Nana to move to New York to help raise Briana while her dad works and lives on the west coast. Briana is so excited to talk to her dad every morning for daily updates.