Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…

Kyiesha (Mom) HH Closets, INC

Thank You SO much we read ‘All About Me’ last night and they LOVED it. It could not have been more perfect for them being that we just moved. She said she wants to read it every night LOL. I don’t think I have ever seen her that excited about a book that wasn’t Dinosaur related. I must admit I was worried because it looked long and we don’t normally read books that long but it was so interesting and she could relate so much that they sat there and listened so intently. Thank You for a wonderful read.

Ms. Victoria N. Watkins, Dir. of Performing Arts Pre-K – 12th College Placement Counselor HYDE Leadership Public Charter School

I almost had to put my two year old in time out because she had a tantrum when I told her that she could not get her Briana’s Neighborhood bed time story. Your books have positively affected our household.

Lisa Henriques, Regional Event Manager-Mid Atlantic Region, Macy’s Inc.

It was such a pleasure to work with you. You are AMAZING with the kids and I look forward to working with you in the future on events.

Jennifer McGraw, Indianapolis, IN

I am ordering books for my grandkids and I hope you continue with more books. I bought Cutie Pie last year and there is nothing new. So please lets make this grow for our girls that look like Briana so reading will be enjoyable for our girls. Thank You so much.

Kristal Ship, NASCAR Publicity Director

“Briana’s Neighborhood is a brilliantly enlightened children’s series that encourages readers of all walks and ages to freely explore life and the true pursuit of happiness.”

Keisha Noel Director of Community Relations and Multiculturalism, St. Martin’s Episcopal School

“What a gift it was to find the Briana book series! The stories are so well written and the illustrations are life like. Briana’s journeys cross racial lines and speak to young girls of any nationality. The Briana series is a must have in any child’s library.”

Omar Tyree, New York Times Best selling Author

This is “An excellent, great looking idea to spark reading and inquiry about African-American culture at the youngest ages. You go girl! Open up those young minds and teach them to explore while enjoying reading!”

Brandon J. Hutton., Child Therapist

“Briana helps today’s child navigate life experiences as a little person and becomes your child’s friend as they naturally develop a rapport.”

Tamar Adegbile, Upper School Dean, Harvard-Westlake School

“The Briana book series is such a positive resource for parents and educators. The books help to instill and reinforce the values that we want young girls to have.”