Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…

Sahar Simmons | Author

saharsimmonsSahar Simmons, a native of Brooklyn, NY, is the author and creator of the Briana’s Neighborhood children’s book series and brand.

“There weren’t enough images for young girls from multi-cultural backgrounds that were living real life scenarios,” according to, Sahar Simmons, a Hampton University graduate, with a degree in Communications. In the series, Simmons created a positive and lovable character, perfect for commercial usage, which focuses on characters from different backgrounds. Briana is a socially conscious, inquisitive eight-year- old girl from Brooklyn, NY who is affected by her surroundings and environment. She has a deeply rooted compassion for social causes and a supportive group of diverse friends who are intertwined in the community that they live in.

“Briana lives in a household comprised of the wisdom of three generations, together with her mother and grandmother. Her mother is a successful career woman, and her grandmother is full of common sense and sagacity,” describes Simmons. Simmons’s own background plays a great role in the development of this story line. Like her character, Simmons also grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Her family is the guiding force behind her determination and accomplishments. “My family means everything to me and they have always supported my talent, creativity and growth to be the woman that I am today,” according to, Simmons.

Simmons started her career in the fast paced sports industry with a concentration in special events management, media relations and communications. She has worked for Madison Square Garden’s (MSG) Boxing Division, the US Olympic Committee and continued on to, TNT Sports, the NBA (Atlanta Hawks) and NFL (Atlanta Falcons). She has organized and executed some of the largest sporting events for organizations, nonprofits and professional athletes such as the NBA All Star games and professional athletes’ charitable organizations; Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo and Carmelo Anthony’s foundations.

Simmons’ later transitioned into film; Director’s Assistant, Wardrobe Coordinator, Clearances/Product Placement, Accounting, Writer/Producer and Creative Consultant and has worked for a wide range of films and production companies: Collateral, Be Cool, Barbershop 3’, Marvel Studios-Avengers, Dream Works, Sony Studios to name a few.

The enthusiasm of Briana’s Neighborhood has been supported by major partners due to Simmons’ keen understanding of the children’s industry and brand development. Her community involvement includes maintaining literacy partnerships with corporations such as: McDonalds, Carol’s Daughter, Macy’s, Chick fil- A, the WNBA and NBA Leagues.  Simmons was a featured author on green initiatives at the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, DC and her most recent partnership is with Wal-Mart. Her brand has serviced over 50,000 children nationally.

Simmons dedicates her time to giving back to kids. She volunteers and conducts writing workshops, book readings and public speaking sessions for youth at schools, universities, organizations and libraries. Her topic discussions on bullying, self- empowerment, literacy, green initiatives and entrepreneurship has been widely supported amongst schools. Her community involvement has been recognized by Rolling Out Magazine as one of the 25 “Most Influential Women” and Who’s Who of Black Atlanta Publication. Simmons was also the 2010 Wells Fargo Entrepreneurial finalist and the 2012 Echoing Green Business Leader finalist.

Simmons, is the founder of the Briana’s Neighborhood Dare to Dream Foundation, a nonprofit organization serving youth from multi-cultural backgrounds who “dare to dream” and achieve success. The foundation’s mission is to provide literacy components which include: innovative programs, book readings, writing workshops, forums, and seminars that assist in the personal growth of minority youth and provide leadership opportunities that will focus on their growth and community involvement. In addition, Dare to Dream is organized to promote self-empowerment, health and physical fitness within the community.

Stay tuned for continued books from the Briana series, a line of kids’ products and animation based on the lead characters of the Briana’s Neighborhood brand and Simmons’ new series, Leadi’s Loco Life coming soon!