Briana Says… Dream Big! Readers are Leaders…

Animated Character Strengthens Identity and Boosts Self Esteem of Little Girls

Briana’s Neighborhood applauded by Best Selling New York Times Author

Atlanta, GA – “Hi, I’m Briana and this is my story.” So begins the first book from the Briana’s Neighborhood collection that introduces the world to the very inquisitive African American child who always has a lot to say!

Written from a child’s perspective, Briana’s Neighborhood characterizes the experiences of every child from inner-city backgrounds. The themes in the collection of stories can be used to give meaning and context too many of these children’s lives, guide their perceptions, and shape their preferences. The themes also help children from other walks of life understand and embrace experiences that may be different from their own.

Briana’s Neighborhood allows children from many diverse cultures to see themselves in books, and to see and understand the reality of the multicultural society and the world we live in. According to recent reports from the Census Bureau, Multiculturalism is not just a trend that will vanish. The United States is becoming a “majority minority” country, even more diverse than it is today.

In many ways “Briana”, captures the alter ego of her creator, the enterprising and free-spirited Sahar Simmons, a Hampton University graduate. In her adorable animated character, Simmons expertly captures the life and times of an 8-year old girl who resides in Brooklyn New York, under the guidance of her mother and grandmother. In storybook form, Simmons breathes real-life messages into the feisty, self-confident Briana. However, it is how Briana deals with issues such as divorce, death, and puberty that make Briana’s Neighborhood relevant and timely.

“There aren’t enough images of little Black girls living real life scenarios and coming out on top,” according to Simmons.” The Briana’s Neighborhood series creates a positive and lovable character, perfect for commercial usage focusing on the undistorted experiences of families thriving in urban environments.  “Briana lives in a household comprised of the wisdom of three generations, together with her mother and grandmother. In Briana’s Neighborhood it is OK to ask questions, to dream and to be yourself, “says Simmons.

This is “An excellent, great looking idea to spark reading and inquiry about African-American culture at the youngest ages,” states New York Times bestselling author, Omar Tyree. “You go girl! Open up those young minds and teach them to explore while enjoying reading!”

This cutesy wide-grinned character with thick-braided plaits is as sure to win her way into the hearts of mainstream America as Alice in Wonderland, Dora the Explorer and Barbie. For more info on other Briana’s educational games and products, go to